2018 – Happy New Year

Happy 2018.

Be blessed, and allow yourself to bless many others through Christ.

Philippe Paquette

We want to wish to you all and yours a wonderful 2018.

2018 and spiritual Power

Let us be powerful witnesses this year. The world needs us.

Allow me to share this with you, beloved bro. or sister.

No one can ever become an effective Disciple of Christ or possess true Spiritual Power without some knowledge of the Word of God and the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

May 2018 make us all mature in being occupied with “things above” and not “things below”.

To you and yours, have a wonderful 2018 and Maranatha!


Philippe Paquette
End of December 2017

b) Want to give a hand?

If you want to help us in our work, we need Moderators, Programers, Specialists in Marketing, SEO and Publishers.

Please express to us your availability and your experience at info@OkChrist.com.

The following are G+ Communities that I am involved with (mostly Owner) or websites and other Social Media initiatives. I am not a Programmer and would need help as stated above. Thank you, beloved.

Below is a list of some of my activities where I could need some assistance to better serve the Lord. Let’s become a Team for Christ.



I also support 4 young non-denominational Churches in persecuted places in the world.

One is in Pakistan. These live close to the extremist Islamist. Two years ago, ISIS entered in the neighboring village only 7 miles from the supported Church and ISIS killed (decapitated) Christian Fathers, Mothers, and all their children and destroyed 200 houses, killing all the Christians. The same group also entered another village, kidnaped all the Christian children between 4 years old to 14 years old, invited all the Arabs in the village to come at the local open arena and once all the bleachers were full, at the cheers of all the onlookers, decapitated all the children. There were many dozens of them. For them, it is a show resembling our Hockey game.

These Christians that I attempt to help are in a Pakistani Province where Islam is generally extreme and Christians can only have one job: “Cleaners”. The men, paid $3 per day, clean the streets, public washrooms and pick up the garbage. They are not allowed to work in any other capacity and the Governor of that area announced that no Arab can be a “Cleaner”, Only Christians. Christian mothers ($2 an hour) are “cleaners” in the houses of Arabs. They leave their village early in the morning, work all day in the Arab houses and when the Father arrives at night often rapes the Christian women and late at night, returns, walking back to her village. Christians are compelled to work 7 days a week. Everyone knows about the regular rapes but no one can do anything about it since the authorities do not recognize Christians as citizens, even if these are all born Pakistanis and all the families need their wives $2 pay. I attempted to help to get funds so that the woman can work in their own village making dresses and carpets. We needed $25,000 to set up the equipment (industrial sewing machines) – since they already have the building to do so. The men would go into the markets and sell their products. This would allow these Christians to keep their women protected with a secure environment and staying within the village but I thus far failed to find them the needed money for the equipment.

Three Churches in India (the poorest Province of India). I help – with my very limited means – a Pastor (evangelical, non-denominational). In that Province. Christians are not allowed to hold any jobs at all. They are extremely poor and no one can even buy shoes. Even the Pastor has no shoes, yet his 3 Churches are approximately 10 km from each other. One of the 3 churches only has leprous Christian. Did you know that $20 Canadian can feed a family of 4 for a month or provide the medication and bandages and food for Lepers for 5 months?


I also own the following G+ Christian Communities and you are welcome to join.


News for Christians



Bible Prophecies

Christian Community Owners & Moderators

Christian Heroes

e) I also own THIS Christian website:

f) Also, this is my G+ Profile,

g) Facebook Group (new as of a few days ago).
Bible Questions (bilingual)

Thank you again and have a wonderful 2018.



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