Seek me… I will find you… (Eternity)


Philippe Paquette

The following is a most amazing verse. 

“…I will be found by you…

I must to bring to your attention the expression “I will be found by you”.

What exactly does it mean?

Well, it seems that God wants from you is “to seek”. That is it! He will take care of the rest.

If you are sincere, something quite amazing will happen. HE will allow you to find HIM. Think of that for a moment. Doesn’t this bring to your heart a certain assurance the words of Jesus were consistent with the words of Jeremiah, the Old Testament Prophet: Seek and you shall find”.

But here, it is even more than that.

You seek… and God will make it happen… HE will allow you to find HIM.

The context of this verse is a very happy one. Read this portion. The prophet Jeremiah is addressing himself to a nation that was in a dire strait. Yet, God encourages them by telling them that HE will bless them. (HE is saying the same to you).

HE even goes as far as (my paraphrase), “be happy”, “get a girlfriend”, “create unity within couples”, “make love as much as possible”, “have babies”, lots of them… “eat good food and have a ball”… and what follows the above verse. You see, simply sincerely seeking HIM will give you far more that finding an answer… You will find a Person and a promise is attached to HIS words: (Jeremiah 29:14) “…and I will restore your fortunes…”

What? This means that you will find a relationship with God (through Jesus), Eternal Life, a happy life, great sex and great food… it’s like an amazing on going Party… in your heart, in your life and in those that are under your responsability… Now do you grasp this people?

From experience, when I came to Christ, I fought for weeks against the Christian Faith. I was 22 in college and did not want anything to do with Christ or anything remotely close to any faith systems.

I thought I would be miserable for the rest of my life if I accepted Jesus into my heart… but what I discovered, once I “gave in”, is freedom and so much blessings. The best life one can hope for… and one with exactly that: HOPE along with the riches that HE bestows upon us. It’s all great, moral and totally amazing.

Ya, you may feel some rejection from some… but it won’t matter in time. Trust me.

As Jesus said: “Come and you will see…”

Words for the soul.


You are about to find the most important element given to humans: Eternal Life with a Glorious Body with Christ. You will be part of HIS Blessed Bride forever.

Don’t stop seeking. Eternal Life is your promise and much more while you are living down here. How important is that? Get yourself a New Testament… and start reading. Your life is about to explode with a Treasure that you cannot fathom. Really. Bet you $100 bucks… ;-)


Note from the Publisher: Any bets on this website are void 4 ever... mostly because the Author does not even have $100 bucks in his bank account. Be informed.

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