Persecution of Christians + Silence of the world

”If one part suffers, every part suffers with it.
If one part is honored, every part shares in its joy.”

1 Corinthians 12:26

Philippe Paquette

You simply cannot deny it. Daily, we read or hear about the persecution of Christians on a horrific scale and the strange silence of the world, from Politicians to Religious Leaders.

It would be wrong to think that “Christian persecution” “has always been this way”. Not true.

Read on.

A) Recent events of Christian Persecution

Here is a very limited list of some “more recent” events relating to the ongoing slaughter of believers in Jesus of Nazareth (“the Nazarene“):

  • Nigeria, Islamist Boko Haram killed more than 10,000 Christians (between 2009 and 2015)
  • Nigeria, Islamist Boko Haram and men have abducted more than 10,000 women and young girls, most of them raped and many today are pregnant
  • May 2015, of the recent 700 women recently rescued (with some children), 200 of them are expecting a child from an Islamic evil molester
  • Kenya, April 2015, Islamists attacked a University when Christian students in their teens and early 20’s were sleeping. More than 140 will never awake.
  • Libya, April 2015, Islamic jihadist proudly promote a well-produced Short Film of the beheadings of 30 Ethiopian Christians. (The original uncensored film was shown in its integrity here on *NEWS for Christians* on this link but Google took it down).
  • February 2015, 21 Christians from Egypt are decapitated.
  • April 2015, Italy, Police arrest 15 Muslim boat people for allegedly throwing overboard a dozen of Christians on their voyage to Libya simply because they prayed our Lord.
  • Iraq, 2014,ISIS drove out the remaining 10,000 Christians from the City of Mosul. (You may find it of interest that Mosul is a re-built City right along the ruins of the Old Testament city of Nineveh… An important city for many reasons:
    • It was a huge city, 60 miles wide (Johan 3:3 and 4:11); and in (Gen. 10:11), founded by Nimrod (the Ruler who ordered the tower of Babel). But more importantly, Mosul (or Nineveh) was the City when Jonah did not want to go and preach and thus the adventure with the “big fish” according to Scripture (it was not a whale, by the way… a “whale” cannot swallow a man…) and eventually Jonah accepts and preaches in that city… and the people turned to God and were saved. Jesus quotes this in the New Testament and contrasts the people of that city with the evil religious Jewish leaders of HIS own time).
  • The last remnant of Christians forced to leave Mosul makes it the first time in the past 2000 years, (since the resurrection of our Lord) that Mosul is lacking the presence of Christians. (I am sure there must be a few left, hiding somewhere). Mosul was one very strong Christian City for the past two millennium.
  • March 2015, ISIS destroys antiquities and artifacts that are 6,000 years old and was in the Museum of Mosul.
  • Since the American’s invasion of Iraq and the hanging of Saddam Hussein, more than one million, one hundred and twenty five thousand Christians have been displaced out of Iraq (1,125,000 lost Iraqi Christians).
  • “The St-Vincent de Paul” Organization reports that thousands of Christians (many Catholics) have been killed or have “disappeared”. Thousands of them.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has taken over from the al-Qa’ida organisation founded by Osama bin Laden as the most powerful and effective extreme jihadi group in the world.

  • Jean-Clement Jeanbart, (Greek Catholic Archbishop) says that the city of Aleppo has lost over 127,500 Christian believers in only a few years. For your interest, until recently, Aleppo was the largest city in Iraq. This is an extract taken from the “” website:”Syria, Syria, a noticeable word the world hears each day and watches it’s horrible events on each TV screen. All mourn and pity the hundreds killed every day. Everyone is asking how to stop the ongoing bloodshed? The grudges and hatred are driving the Syrians to kill their neighbors. Innocent children, their mothers and seniors are terrified, and everyone yells Hey! Wow; “where are the people of the world and good men to show mercy, rescue and help!!!” These words brings to mind the words of our Lord in Matthew 10:36                      ”A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household…”
    • Syria is important in the New Testament. Matthew 4:24:”News about him spread all over Syria. People brought to him all who were ill with different kinds of sicknesses. Some were suffering great pain. Others were controlled by demons. Some were shaking wildly. Others couldn’t move at all. And Jesus healed all of them.”Also, Paul, the Apostle came from Syria or at least, his conversion was on the road to Damascus.
    • Syria is also important for the future. It will be the very center of the “Assyrian” mentioned in many Biblical Prophecies. (This will most certainly include, Syria, Iran and Turkey and more). In the end, the “Assyrian” will remain one of the last enemies our Lord will have to face… and it is also prophesied that the city of Damascus will be totally destroyed and its power “will disappear from Damascus” (Isaiah 17:1 – 3).

And of course, I am only mentioning a few elements that came to light recently in relation with the horrid and public genocide of Christians in the Middle East… and we can be most certain that the problem is exponentially worse than we hear about.

But one thing is certain. Never has the “persecution” of Christians attained, in all of History, a level as we see today. Never.

Some will say that the first Christians were slaughtered as much as today. Not so. Remember these facts:

In the Apostolic times, the Apostles and first Disciples had wondrous Powers to compel and convince their listeners with miraculous power when presenting the Good News of Jesus of Nazareth. That explains that in one day, the book of Acts tells us that over 3,000 souls were saved on that day, another day, over 5,000 then another one, over 10,000 souls saved… each day. The population of Christianity exploded exponentially everywhere in Asia, Africa and Europe within a few centuries. The “massive” persecution did not last more than 200 years or so (between 100 and 320 A.D.) and it was not by the tens of thousands as we see today.

No, what ISIS is doing is true Genocide. Imagine if the victims were Jews? Do you think that the world would remain silently on “standby”? I don’t think so. Why then is the world silent because the victims in this case are Christians? This violence is as horrid as what the Nazi did against our Jewish friends. (I know that one should not compare the atrocities of the second world war but rapes, beheadings, burnt alive, raping small children, even the baseless imprisonment of a Down Syndrome young girl, etc., all these are horrid… and we know little of the truth of what is truly happening).

B) The “silence”


Most Politicians and most Christian Leaders in the world remain “mute” (hush hush…) in relation

Most world Leaders remain mildly outspoken or simply silent.

Most world Leaders remain mildly outspoken or simply silent.

with the plight of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in
Christ who are tortured and executed like butchers decapitate corpses of flesh on a daily basis. Why are they so silent or so “timid” to say or act with boldness? They do have the power to change things… but they deliberately do not.

Not very long ago, President Obama belittled the plight of those millions of Christians by stating that :

a) persecution has always been a part of the reality of religions and
b) the President compared the work of the Islamists to the activities of the Christian Crusades.

The Crusades were not an offensive force but a defencive one. For Centuries, the majority of the Population of the West and East Orient was Christian by strong majority... but the followers of Mohammed, some 600 plus years after our Lord's Resurrection, came to destroy the Christians (exterminate, actually) and thus, the Crusades came to protect Christians. That is history. So Obama, do not compare ISIL to the Crusades.

The Crusades were not an offensive force but a defencive one. For Centuries, the majority of the Population of the West and East Orient was Christian by strong majority… but the followers of Mohammed, some 600 plus years after our Lord’s Resurrection, came to destroy the Christians (exterminate, actually) and thus, the Crusades came to protect Christians. That is history. So Obama, do not compare ISIL to the Crusades.

The President is wrong on both counts.

Never in the history of the Church, has so many Christians been systematically brutalized and even expunged in an obvious and definite genocide at such a large number and with such ease facing very little confrontation from anyone as it is today.

Never has this ever been seen in the history of mankind. Never.

Also, the Crusades happened over 500 to 1,000 years ago and humanity has advanced profoundly in that time and therefore, what the Islamists are doing today cannot be compared with events that happened many centuries ago.

Then, we need to know some history on the Crusades. After Mohammad came on the scene 6 centuries after most of the Orient was a Christian stronghold, indeed the vast majority of Arabs were believers in Christ. But as the Islamist movement grew following Mohammad, they became a most inhuman and violent force against the majority of its own Christian people.  All of Western and Eastern Orient was, by far, predominantly populated by Christian Nations. Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, etc…

All these nations were Christians. This is a historical reality that people forget.

In essence, the Crusades were created as a “Defencive” force to stop the torture and the killings of the many Christians that were already living in these Christians nations and Cities, Jerusalem being the epicenter.

Crusades are not a force that “invaded” Arabia… but defended the vast majority of Arab Christians in Arabia. A huge difference.

Persecuted Christians madThis is today’s reality. The Open Door Organization has recently concluded that among the top 50 worst offenders of killing and torturing Christians, 41 (out of 50) are by Islamist Countries or perpetrated by lovers of Muhammad.


I searched the website of the largest Christian Denomination in the USA (the Southern Baptist Convention) (6). Try to find anything relating to the horrid plight of our Christian brothers and sisters in the Islamist world and you will find very little if anything at all on their site.

Then I thought, Ok, let’s try what I would consider a generally speaking more liberal Christian Denomination – almost “Socialist” even… and since Canada is already a far more “social” collective conscience as a Nation compared with our American friends, “let try and ck out the Canadian branch of that Denomination” I said to myself : The United Church of Canada. Certainly, we are going to find the jackpot there.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even in their “Social Justice” Tab or their “Print and Media” Tab… nothing.

Not one single mention of the Christians that are persecuted in Arabia.

The vast majority of Churches do very little to help their Brethren... hush... again...

The vast majority of Churches do very little to help their Brethren… hush… again…

Anything (videos, articles, etc.) of any substance are at least 1 year old (dated 2014 or before). I found very little (actually nothing) in 2015… no current “expression” of outrage or any common effort of any kind (other than the usual political nonsense that we all know achieve nothing either from the United Nations or simple cacophony of politicians looking for votes. Click here for the perfect example of “one” brother acting in opposition to his other brother… the Bush clan.).

Finally, by lack of time, I finished my research with the “Office of Religious Freedom”, that is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada”. I visited their Media Room section simply to find out that the Islamists, the Atheists and the Israelites are mentioned quite often with scarce references to Christians.

Yet, Christians are still by far the largest victimized group for their faith in the world?

Examples of the silence of the Media

There seems to be a blanket over the eyes and hearts of those called the Media Gatekeepers. A Media Gatekeeper is the person that will decide what news is to be published and what content it should have. Well, they seem to deliberately hide the actual reality against Christians and their slaughter.

  1. When Boko Haram kidnapped all those women and the New York Times covered extensively the mass rape and the horrible malefic events against these poor innocent ladies and young girls, I was confused! I had the express sentiment that these women and girls must have been Christians. (I would know since I own “NEWS for Christians” as one of my G+ Communities). Boko the evil clown (not Bozo the clown… but Boko the evil clown) hates Christians with a passion. The rape and the kidnappings of Christians was an almost certainty… but it was never mentioned in the articles. Nothing was mentioned in the Times. More research of mine did conclude that indeed, these were Christians. So why did the Times deliberately leave that important information out from their lengthy story?
  2. The very same happened when we read in the news (ABC TV in this case) about the many days where “someone had invaded a campus and shots were heard… with dead people”… For days, the news came out… but not one mention that the aggressors were Islamists and the victims were Christians.
  3. Only this week (May 2015), lengthy articles relating to the capture of many victimized women kidnapped and many of them are now impregnated by those Islamists monsters and the women and young girls are all Christians… but the fact that these are Christians has not been mentioned. Only “women” and “terrorists”. Nothing about Islamists or Christians. Why???

Well, I could go on and on but I won’t.


The article is shared for your consideration.

Something is seriously “sick” in this picture… and we must do something to help our brothers and sisters in those lands and we have a responsibility to stop the brutality of raping and decapitating of children from the age of 4. This has to stop. Period.

If God’s purpose is to allow the “Assyrian” to increase in power according to Biblical prophecy, then, let it be so. Who are we to contravene the purposes of God.

But remaining silent while 150 children (boys and girls, all from Christian families) were the greatest show in one of these countries last year… where hundreds of Arab families were invited to come and see the spectacle. “The circus is in town“. The show is simple. The public beheading of little boys and girls from 4 years old to 12 old… and that was done to more than 100 Christian children… to the applause of the Arab spectators in their bleaches.

Now this has nothing to do with God’s Prophetic Word and everything to do with Satanism and as moral human beings, we are called to act against such butchery.


WeAareN logo_OkC

The above #hashtag, and accompanying photo symbolizes our support for Christians suffering in the Islamic world.

Islamists call “Christians(the enemy to exterminate)… the “Nazarenes”… a name given to Jesus Christ by virtue of birth in the city of Nazareth and based on Prophecy “in principle”: see Matthew 2:23.

The “U” shape is the letter “N” in Arab.


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you;he will never leave you nor forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power…
2 Timothy 1:7

…without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved — and that by God“. Philippians 1:28







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  7. Most recent attempt by questionable politicians with questionable motives: Jeff Bush


Update: May 29th 2015 from The Daily Beast: Team Obama Shrugs at ISIS Victories
with additional reporting by Olivia Nuzzi


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