Son – His Weaknesses

His Weaknesses

Philippe Paquette

Well, this topic is fairly easy.  If Jesus was God the Son who, in time and space came into manhood, he was a Perfect Man.  Did the Son had any weaknesses? He had no moral weaknesses!  Think about it!  If Jesus was under the influence of a sinful nature, He would need his own Savior. You see, we cannot be saved by other humans… simply because they need salvation too.

It is imperative that salvation comes from outside our natural order of things.

Our nature has something wrong somehow. In a more vulgar context, some people would say “something’s fraked up”. In Scripture, that is called “sin”. gethsemane001 So Jesus was a perfect man and as such, his sacrifice on the cross was a perfect sacrifice.  Thus, God could accept Jesus as the perfect offering for our sins.

By the way, tradition suggests that Jesus has fallen 3 times when he bore his cross. (Actually, don’t you also see this in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”?).   You will not find that in the Bible.  You never find one single weakness in Him.

We are not saying that Christ did not feel weak in certain moments – think in the garden of Gethsemane when HE was abandoned by his own Apostles (see photo above), just before his crucifixion for example. An Angel came to give Him strength.


What we are saying, is Scripture does not show any weaknesses in the Son of God.

That does not make him inhuman… it makes him a perfect human.

His origins are from Heaven, ours are from the earth.

We have access to heaven because one man has prepared the way.

There are no moral weaknesses in Jesus.  Impossible!  In all things, he was Perfect.

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  1. Thank you, dear Tracye for your good words.

    I will be praying for you relating to your health issue. Be strong & patient. I know it is difficult on a daily basis.

    In fact, I am recuperating from a stroke (October 17th 2016)that left all my left side paralyzed but with my physiotherapist, we are progressing well. I can type now with my left hand but it remains slower than before but daily, I can see and feel some progress. Actually, in order to fully help my left fingers better exercise, I dusted off my classical guitar that had not been touched for 30 some years and I am practicing my instrument again. Boy do I ever need patience but the Lord is at my side and it’s a question of one day at a time.

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    Be blessed and look up dear Tracye.


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