What does God

have to do with it?

Philippe R. Paquette
updated: 2021-03

Future historians will record the current pandemic period of 2020 / 2021 as a significant event in our history. As the expression says: “That’s one for the books!” At the very least, this nasty Covid-19 will be remembered and referred to for centuries to come… if we still have centuries to come, that is.  

A time remembered

If you ask me, (I know you didn’t but if you did) it is evident that this awkward and painful current human imbroglio is not only rare, it is also a singular space-time point in the annals of humanity. After all, we live in the most advanced technological civilization in our human juncture and suddenly, within the shortness of a few hours, the entire world was brutally arrested in its steps

The whole of humanity is abruptly commanded by our respective Governments to close up shop and to stop everything, literally, and to stay home. Humanity is awakening to an “invisible deadly enemy” attacking the whole planet. It’s like World War III where we are all in combat with an invisible international overwhelming enemy.

According to the World Bank, the human population is close to seven billion, eight hundred (7.8 billion). And now, all of us, when compelled to leave our houses to supply our domestic needs, we must stand 2 meters apart from one another. Most businesses are shut down, and we are advised to cover our faces with masks! Speaking of “masks”, yesterday, we would have been arrested covering our faces, like bank robbers, in such a fashion. Today, we could get arrested if we don’t cover our faces. The world is upside down.

Mona vs Corona
Mona vs Corona

No one can deny that this is a sudden paramount moment especially at a time when we have such a high population.  This has never been seen in time and especially not at this level.

The shutting down of earth (regardless of its continual spin) forces almost 8 billion individuals to confine themselves in their dwellings to the point of confusing wild animals!

It took little time for investors to witness the largest stock volume crash in recent memory. (March 2020).

Funeral homes can’t cope. Too many dead.

Even the crematoriums can no longer satisfy. Their spiritless clients are waiting in line while the living ones form a 6-foot distance invisible chain for the sole purpose of acquiring toilet paper.

History will never forget this Covid-19 season… and you and I happen to be part of it all.

All of this is and will be part of an important time in “history”, undeniably.

Suffering is everywhere and it is impossible to predict the length of our predicament.

So, I ask myself: “What about God? What does HE have to do with it, or does He have anything to do with it? Is it His fault? After all, He claims to be our Creator. Surely “the Creator” must be aware of His “Creature’s” plight! If so, what’s He doing about it?”

The Bible (Gospel of Luke, chapter 21), explains to us why He allows these calamities. (In this article, I am quite aware that the contextual reality of Luc 21 is mostly an impending time related to what could be an imminent future).

Man is self-destroying at so many levels, including wars: “Nation against nation”. Therefore, God speaks to us through “… earthquakes, famines and pestilence (pandemics) in various places, and fearful events and great signs…” (verse 11).

In simple words, God is sending us a message. We are fragile and He invites us to consider HIM in our lives.

Time to look in the mirror

There is nothing else to do but to self analyze our delicate lives and open our hearts to our Creator. That is how we can get our needed support and encouragement amidst such a disastrous period.

Jesus said: “I am the way…”

We can find comfort in his Word.

This is undeniably true. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Luc chapter 21, verse 32.

God is closer than we think.  He is very much in control and wants to be our sensitive loving Father who wants to hover over us as a Father does over his beloved suffering children.

Do accept God’s gift and allow Him His comfort in these painful times.

This Coronavirus 19 was not sent by God. But God allowed it. Why? To have our attention. 

What is happening in those secret labs?

After all, we know that the extreme uncontrolled and, in some cases, immoral atheistic human technology is the culprit of this and many other disasters. If not by laboratory then by avarice Capitalism (modifications of nature, to do all things to precipitate growth to increase revenues). All this affects Dame Nature and yes, even bats!

In God, we can still find the greatest support in these difficult times.

Mankind has rejected God by rejecting his Son, so He does what we asked for. He leaves mankind to its own devices. That is what we want (rejection of God) and that is what we get.

Nevertheless, His Divinity can never be altered.

His sweet offer to each one of us is tangible and accessible. Did you know that He even counts our tears?

God has revealed Himself to us using the simplest of human means to offer us accessibility (how to be close to God). He has divulged Himself to us using human words. How simple, yet so effective. Through the inspired Books. (“The Bible” means “the books”).

Those words are a collection of the most important written treasures that exists in history. Read these verses and think about them. Really think about them…

“You… put my tears in your bottle”

Psalm 56: 8

Start your wondrous adventure with Christ by reading one if not the most important chapter in the entire Bible:

Psalm 19, verse 10: (Context – God’s prophesied words by King David)
“They (your words) are more precious than gold… than much fine gold…”, “…sweeter than honey and the dropping of the honeycomb”.

John chapter 6, verse 68: (Context – God’s prophetic word by the Apostle Peter)
“Lord… Thou hast words of life eternal).

Jeremiah chapter 15, verse 16: (Context – God’s word by the Prophet Jeremiah)
“…thy words were unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.”

And a few more:

Matthew chapter 28 verse 20: (Context – Jesus speaking)

“…lo, I am with you always…”

Psalms 40 verse 17: (Context prophetic – David inspirational writing)

“Since I am afflicted and needy, Let the Lord be mindful of me, you are my help and my deliverer, do not delay, O my God”

Revelation chapter 3 verse 20: (Context – This verse is particularly of importance. Most Bible Teachers would tell you that Revelation 3 (this prophecy) directly applies to this specific period, early 21rst century – now).

I stand at the door and knock

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in unto him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

John chapter one

May you find blessings and encouragement through your reading and who knows, you may even find much more. Even a personal relationship with the best friend ever.

Enjoy life. Eternal Life that is.


What does God have to do with it

Philippe Paquette


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