Father – His Commandments

His Commandments

Philippe Paquette

In preparing this website, we have asked able and dear other Christian friends to help us in our task. Regarding the Father’s commandments, we received a letter in the mail (the old snail mail method) regarding this issue and profoundly appreciated the content of that letter. We have decided to reproduce this letter in this section since it responds to the subject at hand.  
God's love
God the Father loves us… HE does not “command” us.
“Hello, The Father’s commandments appear to be in the gospel of John.  These are:

John 10:18 John 12:49-50 John 14:31

I was probably naively expecting the Father would have some commandment for us, but so far in every case (of these verses) they appear to be addressed directly to the Lord Jesus (only).

And even though these appear to be different commandments (or maybe different aspects of the same commandment) I could find only the authority-commandment to “lay down His life and take it up again”; commandment what to say and what to speak – commandment is life eternal and that “the world may know that I love the Father, and as the Father has commanded me, thus I do…” 

Then there appears to be some sort of association with his disciples in this though.  Jesus alone appears to be “commanded”.

It looks as though it might be significant that in this same general position of scripture are mentions of the Lord’s commandments to his disciples… something like this:

Father commands his Son Jesus, then Jesus commands his disciples.

This gist appears to be basically “to love one another”.  A rather embarrassing and humiliating topic when one’s own life appears to be abject failure to walk in practical unity and harmony with fellow Christians.  (I hope He can detect some little flicker of love towards them despite outward and practical failure).”


So there you have it.  The Father does not “command” us … He commands his Son.

Some may think we remain under the requirements of the “ten commandments”.  It is not so.  In Jesus, the law or the Ten Commandments has been satisfied.  We no longer are expected to live according to this Old Testament requirement simply because: a) we fail and b) the Lord has “accomplished” the requirements of those commandments, leaving us free of this obsolete requirement.  Ok then.  Cool!

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