In the Universe, we are ALONE.

Philippe Paquette

I love knowledge.
Remember this: JOHN 17… verse 3. Jn 17:3 Knowledged is… _______ Ok.  This page is the Science page. _______ Ok.  I am not a Scientist.  Not remotely close… but I love logic. Let’s talk Astronomy and Intelligent Life in our knowledge of the Physics of our being… of our world.  In essence, what makes sense in our Christian Faith?
  • God visited earth and died for the world.  (1) This makes the earth MOST UNIQUE;
  • The mathematical exactitude of everything in our Solar System is impossible to “copy”.  Impossible.
  • Anything else cannot provide “Intelligent life”.  We need that Math with amazing exactitude and that is impossible to replicate.  It is too precise.  It is a “Design”.
  • Sun, right dimension and distance to it’s own System.
  • Sun, half age presently.
  • Sun should never concern our generations and the millions to come (from an Astronomical angle).
  • Earth is in the right distance (Goldie Locks) but more importantly, it has the right size.
  • Earth would not have life without it’s moon.
  • Earth must have the exact dimensions as does the moon as does the Sun and in that exact distance.
  • Earth is protected in our Solar System.  Jupiter is crucial.  And, it has to be at the exact place with the exact dimensions to be of use to earth… and it just happens that it is.
  • Earth is protected by all sides by all other Planets.  Yes, we could get hit… but that possibility, on a very severe earth destruction is zero to very little.  In essence, sleep well. You won’t get hit.  Earth is “caged in” for protection.  Really cool.
  • Earth is a simple planet.  Planets are either stone, gaz or ice.  STONE: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.  GAS: Jupiter, Saturn. ICE: URANUS, NEPTUNE.  They each have their “angles”.  Venus is upside down, so it’s North is down and it’s South is up. Uranus is on it’s side.  North is left and South is right.
  • Earth and all planets have a certain degree of an angle.  Some, a few angles, others, high number.
  • Earth’s angle is 23.5%.  (Scientifically, the number is closer to 23.4XXXXXX angle).
  • Earth with no angle would be straight.  The Center would burn, the rest would freeze.  No life.
  • Earth has an angle that cannot be increased nor decreased to ensure life… with the moon, the sun and the rest.
  • Earth was created by God.  It is of interest that the very first verse of the Bible, it is written: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”.  Why would the earth be mentioned as a unique entity in the Creation of God? Heavens is the Cosmos, the known universe… and then… there is Earth.
Ya.  We are alone. _______ Now, if you want to know how old the earth is, ck this vid. if you have 30 minutes. #astronomy #creationism _______ #philippepaquette (1) Do you actually think that HE does that still, on other Planets?

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