Spirit – His Presence

His Presence

This subject is most interesting!  The Presence of the Holy Spirit is “in” us in two distinct ways:  
  1. He unites us to the Lord Jesus and in that fashion, His presence is connected to the new LIFE that we have (the same life as in Jesus) John 14:19; Gal 2:20 and
  2. He abides “in” our “soul” : “the Spirit helps us in our infirmities and makes intercession”  Rom. 8:2, 9 and 10.  In a way, the Spirit fills the soul of the believer Rom. 5:5

That’s cool stuff.  We are like vessels filled with the Spirit of God, thus able to enter into the enjoyment of things that please God.  That also gives us power.

There is no mysticism here.  This is a gift.  Scripture says: “herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us” (1 John 4: 10).   In one way, we are, through our new nature, in God and because of the Spirit, God is in us: “hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.”   In that sense, we become morally partakers of God’s nature and character, by the Spirit of God.

Allow us to simply add that in this portion, we are presenting the issue of the Spirit’s Presence, not in our collective aspect (the Church) but in our individual lives.

Ok… so if God the Spirit dwells in our bodies, then, we are done with the old man… right?.  Well, not exactly.  In our “position”, we are perfected in the eyes of the Father, but in our natural bodies, we remain who and what we are.  Think of it this way.  The body is a vessel, and that is not yet fully “redeemed”.  But what fills the vessel is from Heaven.  Does that make any sense?

You can also think of it this way.  Our vessel may be old and weak… but inside, in a spiritual sense, the blood of Jesus was sprinkled all over and that allows God to enter and dwell.  We had nothing to do but believe.  Cool stuff.  The “finite” is filled with the “infinite”.  We have reasons to rejoice.