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  1. I apologize in avdcnae for the zeal but i love your post and believe God just fanned my flame with it, so thank you for not being afraid of stirring up the hearts and minds of those who believe.It’s not learning to follow man but learning to follow ChristIt’s not an hour a week with your mentor but a daily walk with your saviorIt’s not reading a book with a group but includes reading the bible with the SpiritIt’s not easy but it is simpleIt’s not going to church but it’s used to show our function within itIt’s not the American dream it’s the Christian dreamIt’s not free but Jesus paid your tuitionIt’s not conformity to religion but essential to unity with ChristIt’s not common but it is commonly rejected And you put the nail that holds every disciple to his cross “It Is Not an Option” but instead a privilegeAnd while it may not be a quick process you can become one overnight.


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