Size Matters.

Philippe Paquette

It was discovered that the average size of human beings happens to be exactly = 10.0000000 (plus many more zeros) of the rest of the entire known Universe.  
In essence, this means that if you measure everything in the Universe,  half of the Universe is smaller (10+) and the other half is larger (+10+) than humans (average size of a male and a female)  on a “Physics scale”.  
Earth may not be at the Center of the Universe 
(we don’t know where the “center” is and that matters little), but
size wise
we are “smack” in the middle of all things created.  
(We are talking “proportions” here).   
Now, please, don’t tell me we are “an accident”…  a “natural accidental evolutionary result” that started with “nothing” that became “everything”…  No no… C’mon.  That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
The only logical explanation left is, there is a Design… and thus, a Designer.  
Anything else is illogical and totally intellectually unsustainable without saying, impossible!  
Physics rules!  The rejection of God is totally against all logic.  
Cool stuff.
2015: And this is an “updated” video on the same subject (due to more recent discoveries in Science)… and it again confirms that the average size of a Human is “smack” in the Center of all matter.  


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