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1 Comment on “Unlocking the Mystery of the Life (12 videos)

  1. I know I’m late in posting about these veesrs, but as I read them again I am struck, in particular, by 3 things which reveal so much of God and are of great comfort to me.1) our salvation is not dependent on anything we do, we do not have to achieve any standard or hit any mark. It is instead dependent solely on the work of God. He raised Christ, who on the cross had become sin for us, from the dead. In doing this He showed that we, even though we are sinners, will also be raised from the dead. What hope and confidence this gives us. While we ought to strive to live for Him and follow His commands and do His will, the only absolute criteria (on our part) for salvation, even if we fail or fall away, is that we are born again. You MUST be born again.2) if we have faith, He (God) will save us. Our faith should be constant even though the out working of it may be patchy. We all sin, sometimes unknowingly, but often knowingly and deliberately. And afterwards though we feel so guilty we have not blown it . No as long as our faith remains, we are shielded by God’s power . Shielded from the loss of our salvation. What a joy this is for us when we have succumbed to sin, to know that our assurance of salvation remains intact. No taunts or attacks by Satan can remove our salvation if our faith remains.3) persistent faith through trials is what God is looking for. It’s not even how we cope with and come through these trials, but merely that our faith remains. This proves the genuineness of our faith. It pleases God and will in time, when we go to be with God in Heaven, then result in an outpouring of unrestrained, wonderful and genuine praise. What an encouragement it is to know that though we let God down, our salvation is not dependent on our performance but on nothing more than a new birth, starting a relationship with God and believing, persistent faith that In doing this, He will see us through to glory.


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