What did Jesus say the most often? I always ask (for the past 40 years + actually), to the people I meet all the time, including all the friends of my 4 children, one simple question.  (It’s a nice way to open the conversation). Me talking: – “Doesn’t matter whether you believe this or not, but you heard of it.  In your opinion – and yes, this is a game, so kindly play along with me – but what did Jesus of Nazareth say the most often when HE was on earth?”. It matters little if they attempt to bring you to a “sided” topic (defensive one, mostly), you need to keep this one alive.  So bring it back if need be to the question but know when and where to stop. Be “dependant” on your TEACHER, God the Spirit. Eventually, they will ALL say: “Love one another”; “Love your Neighbor”, “be good”… but they always come to that very positive social message of do good to the other… LOVE is the basic message… and thus, these are 100% of the responses I got… over 40 years. (Not bad if contrasted to any other Faith System.  This one is truly social.  It is for the wellbeing of mankind.  All and any other Faith System has another ultimate purpose that the wellbeing of “the other, whomever that may be”… Not saying we do it.  In fact, we faint totally… but it does not “delete” the message.  We simply know that we fall short.  No animals kill each other as we do (constant human destruction)… but that is “SIN” and reserved for another topic). Well, that’s not the right response according to Scripture. If you read and count (or Google it – I did not), what Christ said the most often is: “Do not fear” = “Why the frak are you afraid” or more precisely: “Stop being A.F.R.A.I.D.”… So to you who are reading these lines: “Stop being Frakin afraid… do your thing, for Chirst…”. THAT is HIS message he repeated the most often. (And allow me to remind you of this other one: “Make Disciples”). Thus, our Lord is one of Freedom… Liberty but after offering the ULTIMATE sacrifice of HIMSELF, HE comes back to you and me with that same kind request: “… Come and see…” where I dwell… and the closer we shall be to HIM, the more the TEACHER will be free to Teach. #philippepaquette

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