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I often wondered what Jesus Christ said the most often when he was on earth.  This is a worthy question.  Indeed, what did he repeat the most often?  After some research, I was most surprised !  Since this “discovery”, I often ask others to guess the answer to what Christ repeated the most often when He was on earth and everyone gives me a very similar response: “Love one another” or “Love your neighbor…” Well, not even close.  What Christ repeated the most often was:  “do not fear...” or in modern terms: “stop being afraid”.  This is most revealing and worth sharing.  Indeed, what God repeated the most often when in a human body on earth was to encourage us to be free, to act boldly in life and simply to stop being afraid.  This applies to everything in life. Nothing is more liberating… and nothing contrasts Christ more with any Religion or Belief Systems.  Indeed, He was God from heaven and everything else comes from earth (man).  If you want to know more about the Son of God and His liberating Message and awesome Power, read:

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  1. Great points altogether. You simply gained a new reader. What was the reaction of your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?


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