You are welcome to our brand new, totally revamped website.

(Look for the 3 items that are the heart of this website: Blue (sky) for Father, Red (blood) for the Son, Green (earth) for the Spirit). At last, the content of this website has become universal through Google Translate.  We all know and regret the lack of precision in such a translation application but we still believe that it remains a formidable useful tool for the many languages on Earth and still fondly appreciate this “imperfect translation tool”.  OkChrist is now available to the entire world. was first published on Christmas day in the year 2000.  Today, on Christmas day 2013, we are humbled and excited with our new look and have retained our original commitment.  “To share to all, in simple terms, the Good News of Eternal Life and sharing the amazing wonderment of who God the Father, Son and Spirit is”. Appreciations are expressed to Luc-André Paquette who was the visionary behind the design of this site and the supporter of 7 years times 2 in ardent work of this website, in silence and in the background.  His work shall forever be remembered.  Then, we express our appreciations to Jason T. Wiser and his Team for his excellent work in bringing our site to a more contemporary time and look and make it accessible to all languages. Not all pages are completed currently and your valued patience is appreciated.  In time, we shall fill all those pages with excellent material, so please, visit us often. We would have a multitude of more names to share who worked behind all the tremendous efforts of bringing to you this site, but time/space does not allow us to name them all but they know of our deep affectionate gratitude. This website wants to be relevant to all, including mature Christians, young Christians and non-Christians alike.  We are open minded and we reject the judgemental element that we sadly see too often in the professing Christians of the day.  We are not “affiliated”.  We are Christians.  Period.  Indeed, we want to follow Christ with boldness and we believe that we all have so many things to learn from God, our Blessed Divine Teacher, the Holy Spirit.  The moment a Christian remains closed minded to anything different from what he/she has been taught, well, such a Christian puts a wall between him/her and God HIMSELF.  No more growing spiritually.  That wall is called “spiritual pride”! Such “spiritual pride” is not our calling.  We want to express what we believe to be the truth as our God humbly teaches us and we are not followers of Religions and eagerly seek for your comments and questions.  Remember our Lord’s words: “Seek, and you shall find”. We are Christians, we want to be Christ Centered and we supplicate our Father to make us Disciples of our Lord, Jesus of Nazareth. In HIM.  
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With an open heart, you will find eternal hope in Christ. Read our 21 topics (divided in 7 portions) for each of the following sections. Eternal hope is offered to you: Read more on these topics. Note: We use many different Bible translations in this website. Volunteers. People with time on their hands, able to use a computer and comfortable browsing the Net: Contact us to get involved

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  1. CONGRATS bro for a job ‘well done’ and for a LOT of Work I am sure! May the Good Lord indeed bless your work as it is done Unto HIM!!

    Will check it out more carefully in a bit!


  2. So kind words brother Lebrun. Yes indeed, it is a lot of work… but lovely work. To be occupied with the Lord’s things is a blessing.

    Your contribution here will always be more than welcome, as you know.

    Blessings for the new year to you and your wonderful family.


    • My mother pasesd away in 2010 after a two year battle with ALS. She was only 59 years old. I was not aware of Cycle of Hope until just this evening and now I know what you all are doing, I will be following your blog and wishing you the best in your journey.

  3. I want to congratulate you on your great website. It is so rich. I just spent many hours here. Read the 7 topics for each divine Persons and what a great wealth, especially for young Christians.

    Your very rich blogs are also most diversified and rich in content. Not only compelling and instructive but equally entertaining.

    I mostly love your open mindedness even on issues that are generally considered divisive.

    I have much to learn from this website and I will try to follow your many G+ Communities when time permits.

    Great Team guys… and God bless you. I intend to promote this website. My favorite Christian Website.

    Best regards,



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