Philippe Paquette

To all those with a damaged heart…

You may have the most damaged heart

Like it or not, Christ is the only ONE that can mend any damaged heart.

Christ is the healer of any broken heart...
Christ mends… all DAMAGED hearts.
Don’t run.  Stay. Believe… And in order to do so… in order to allow your heart to be mended, you truly need to receive ETERNAL LIFE. Pick up a New Testament, even for the sake of sheer “knowledge”!  Your heart shall be changed. Read it. Do believe and received Eternal Life, but no need to “die” to get it.  Eternal Life is now.  Yet, did you know that Science writes that you CAN DIE from a “broken heart”? (Click on the next link)Bereavement has long been known as a risk factor for death and this study increases our understanding of its effects on cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes.” “…by his own blood, (Christ) has entered in once for all into the holy of holies, having found an eternal redemption…” Hebrews 9:12

Your broken heart shall be mended 4 ever.

Don’t want to pick up a NT, fine.  Just start by reading the Gospel of John here.



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