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Philippe Paquette


 (The above verse was the final “touch” that brought me to “die” for HIM, thus receiving Eternal LIFE) website would like to thank the many who have discovered us.

Your comments are most edifying to me, the Publisher. Two topics in this article: 1)      Me 2)      OkChrist (Eternal Life)

The first will be short because it has little value.  The second, on the other hand, has value beyond measure.

1)      Me: I am totally humbled by the fact that I have now reached close to 1 million individuals reading my posts (wherever they are published).  That truly humbles me to the core.  But my personal thoughts and feelings on this are mitigated.  You see, I am of no importance.  Yet, if I have been read by such a number of readers, I do believe that it is explained by the simple fact that my Object is Christ.  Thus, I rejoice with you, beloved readers.  Indeed, nothing has any importance other than Eternal life and the ONE that gave it to us.  So thank you.  I love you. 2) Our website is appreciated and we thank the Lord for this.  You will find here a general introduction on the Godhead with some photos and verses and you have 3 Main categories: Father, Son and Spirit.  It is of interest (at least intrigue to me) that I wrote these 21 articles within 3 weeks.  It simply came “naturally”.  I was rather amazed when these 21 subjects were written by myself in such a short time (with some research, of course).  Yet, even if each of those articles were written almost 15 years ago (within 21 days), I still would not change any of them (unless you bring to my attention some detail that needs to be tweaked).  Each of the Divine Persons have 7 topics related to the Godhead (Father, Son and Spirit) and we strongly plead with you to read each of those 7 topics if you want to better know the Trinity and what Eternal Life is all about. I would like to suggest a definition of “Eternal Life” in all simplicity and with my own limited abilities. It is imperative that we grasp that Eternal Life MUST be associated with our (your) present conscientiousness. You see, if your current “conscientious life” is not associated with Eternal Life, then, the Apostle John is wrong.  John clearly speaks of Eternal Life in the Present tense, not in the Future tense.  (The 3 Gnostic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) presents it in another way, generally, as some Epistles, but there is a reason (logic) for that and that is not the topic of this Article). I studied the original Greek… (St-Paul’s University). The “vulgar” Greek as it was spoken at the time of Jesus.
(A related parentheses)
I do have an advantage in relation to this because I am a French Canadian.  In Québec (and French Canada – Ontario – Manitoba- New Brunswick – Nova Scotia, etc.), we speak the old street French that was spoken in the 15th/16th century in France (including the King). For example, when we say “I”, we usually say “moé”. The French Academy has evolved its language and today, some say that the proper way of saying “I” in French is “moi”.  Ok.  Fine.  We all agree. But Québec (French Canada) has hardly ever been under the influence of the French Academy (in Paris) as France has and therefore, we never changed our natural “street” language.  In France, they say “moi”.  In French Canada, we say both… but quite often “moé”. When it comes to the Greek language, Socrates, Plato etc. spoke the “Classical Greek” as Homer spoke the Ancient Greek.  (As Latin, that is today a dead language).  Then came the Koine Greek, as in the times of Jesus.  Eventually, Greek modified itself for the Modern Greek, as it is spoken today in Greece. Back to the street language of Jesus – Koine Greek (also a dead language today). (end of parentheses). The way John speaks of Eternal life is this way (in the street language of his day) (my paraphrase): “John 5:24: This is true and I repeat, this is the TRUTH.   I, Jesus, declare to you attempting to reach the bottom of your hearts that anyone that hears the words that I say and believes that I was sent from God the Father, to you, well, that person HAS ETERNAL LIFE right now and will never be subjected to any judgment, ever.  Those who believe in me have passed out of death and have reached Eternal life at this very moment.” Now let me be clear.  The above quoted verse is my version of what was said in Koine Greek to this current generation.  Scholars may differ but I would invite them to confront me and correct me on this… (Trust me they won’t). (All intelligent comments on this site are open and never censored even if comments disagree with my articles).  Only the evil spammers are not allowed to be read. Synopsis: (résumé or “in a nutshell”):  If you believe in Jesus of Nazareth, you HAVE Eternal life right NOW and this very article on OkChrist will be a subject of “sharing” between you and I in Everlasting Eternity.  We will remember this moment.  (Yes, your glorious being will be void of all the negative/loss in this life… but the current conscientiousness of your own being, at this very time, (especailly those moments of happiness, bliss, spiritual edification…) shall endure forever and will be a topic in Glory).  My take from John. Enjoy every moment, every instant of your life, Brother and Sister.  You HAVE, right now, Eternal Life. #philippepaquette _______ Notes: – I wrote (above): “You see, if your current “conscientious life” is not associated with Eternal Life, then, the Apostle John is wrong.”  Russelists deny the teaching I just shared (Jehovah Witnesses).  If you are there, get out.  Find a true Christian Assembly.  You see, if Eternal Life is not associated with our current conscientious, then we don’t have Eternal life but we will have a different life.  God did promise us a “New” life…, yes, but it is related to our present life.  We shall forever be “creatures” but we shall, for ever, partake in the “Divine LIFE”… and that is new and wonderful.
For us, it looks like how one plants a potato.  The death of one remains the bases of the ongoing new life. There is a direct “connection” and that “connection” is our current… our present consciousness that remains forever.  Thus, we HAVE Eternal LIfe.
Ref: – Wikipedia: In Christianity, the term eternal life traditionally refers to continued life after death, as outlined in Christian eschatology. The Apostles’ Creed testifies: “I believe… the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting.” In this view, eternal life commences after the second coming of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead, although in the New Testament’s Johannine (John’s) literature there are references to eternal life commencing in the earthly life of the believer, possibly indicating an inaugurated eschatology.      


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