Who is “God the FATHER”?

Did you know that God is your “Daddy”?

Philippe Paquette

Who is God the Father? It would require encyclopedias to explain that topic and so much more.

May we offer you a synopsis (résumé) of WHO is God the Father?

Read this link: https://okchrist.com/father/father-his-person/ and read all the related 7 subjects of God the Father and be liberated. Here is an extract taken from that article: “Think of the best daddy in the entire world, someone kind, generous, patient, loving, fun, always present and gentle.  That would simply be a feeble beginning of understanding who truly God the Father is.

For some odd reason, God the Father has been portrayed, either in some paintings and in certain circles (Religions) as an angry old man with a big white beard.  Sort of a mean cousin of Santa Claus. That image of the Father is simply not true.  The Father is Spirit. No form to speak of. He is also the Father of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Get to this site (link above), get to the topic of FATHER and read, on your right the 7 topics related to our BLESSED Daddy, God the FATHER. Indeed, read all 7 topics on our “ABBA” (Daddy).  Please, do take the time.  This may help you understand. (At the very least, these 7 topics helped me understand). Who is God the Father?  He is far more than you will imagine. #philippepaquette  
God is our Daddy... if you believe in HIS SON.

Who is God the Father? God is our Daddy… if you believe in HIS SON.

With an open heart, you will find eternal hope in Christ. Read our 21 topics (divided in 7 portions) for each of the following sections. Eternal hope is offered to you: Read more on these topics. Note: We use many different Bible translations in this website. Volunteers. People with time on their hands, able to use a computer and comfortable browsing the Net: Contact us to get involved

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