okchrist it hurtsIt Hurts

There are no questions about it.  We all suffer!

1) Sometimes, we suffer because we lied, or committed something wrong, or avoided to take action, and it invades our thoughts day and night.  We also suffer sometimes because of self-destroying habits, addictions, etc. Sometimes we hurt because of love and many times because of lack of love. 2) There is also another type of suffering.   It has nothing to do with our actions.  Think of a loving couple with a 7 year old little girl who was just diagnosed with a cancer that cannot be cured or even treated.  It is simply too late.  “She has 3 months at the most” said the doctor. The usual reaction to sufferings is blaming God.  “Why does God permit this?”.  Yet, God is the author of good (James 1: 13 to 17).   He cannot be anything else.  The argument that, since God created all things therefore, God created evil, has no foundation.  Evil, in essence, is the absence of the elements of creation.  Loneliness is a lack of friendship, blindness is a lack of sight, jealousy is a lack of trust, physical pain is a lack of good health, hate is a lack of love, murder is a lack of respect, trickery is a lack of honesty, etc.  God did not create the absence of things.  Therefore, God did not create evil or hurt.  Just not possible.  God is love. So, why does God allow us to hurt?   He doesn’t want us to hurt.  In fact, his creation was for the exact opposite.   To be perfectly happy.  But God did not make us robots.  He created us with the capacity of making choices.  And in space and time, we chose and often continue to choose the “fracken” way rather than the “right” way…  That is called sin. Still, we have hope through sufferings. How so?  Two ways we have hope.
  1. He gave us his Son to pay the ultimate price to allow us into a glorious eternity of bliss and consciousness and that we can rejoice in this fact already in our present life and
  2. As for the present, he gives us hope and the Person of the Holy Ghost to uplift us and bring us to wonderful serenity.  All we need is faith.  And he feels our pain… he counts our tears… he measures our hurt.  We are not alone.

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