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Recently, I moved to another city.  I have to admit that I love my new life with my wife and daughter in this new community, but I equally have to confess that I often get lost and I often have a feeling of utter frustration.  Where am I?  Where do I turn?  Where do I go?  (Yes, I should download a GPS app, asap).   Regardless, the feeling of not knowing where you are and where to go is most insecure.   Sometimes, I even decide to follow my instinct… but end up somewhere I never imagined.  A pure waste of time!  Why don’t I ask for directions? That is not very effective.  I need to download that app. This sense of being lost made me realize that for many people, it is similar if you don’t have a clear view of your road ahead.  In other words, if you don’t have the knowledge of Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you must be utterly lost (intellectually and spiritually).  You may follow your earthly instinct but you remain without hope, without vision and without a compass.  If you feel frustrated in life or even uncomfortable in your soul, you need the heavenly app and that one is not offered by Apple, Blackberry Google Android or the Windows 8 smart phone platform.  It comes from above and it is called “The Bible”.  Wi-Fi is irrelevant. Talk about a spiritual mid life crisis.  If you do not have this heavenly app, don’t you feel confused and wonder why you are where you are? Deep down, you know quite well that you are not where you would like to be.  Frightening, isn’t?   Also, please do not say to yourself that you don’t need direction from “without”… that you are on the right road.  One can be convinced that they are on the right entrance to a highway when in fact they have just taken by error an exit from a highway.  You may be convinced that you are right… that you are in the right direction… but it won’t take long until you will be face to face with an oncoming vehicle driving at 100 km (60 miles) an hour. Your life was given to you.  You never asked to be born.  You just were.  But now that you do have human life, don’t squander it with the false conviction that you know where you are going or that you really know who you are.  No way!   You need an outside force and solid information to help you define who you are and where you are going or ought to go. Nothing is more solid than Divine Revelation.  God has spoken.

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