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When I researched this subject on the Internet, I was astonished with the results that Google produced.  Most Christian websites will tell you that you should become a Christian because otherwise, you are going to hell. That is simply not true and frankly, I am amazed at the immaturity of those people who try to convince you with fear. Firstly, many people are in heaven and they were never Christians (Romans Chapter 2 verses 14 and 15 and Romans 9 verse 15).  It is true that we are saved by the “Name of Jesus” (Acts 4:12 “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”), but it does not mean you need to know Him to be saved.  That key verse in Acts simply states the power and means for humans to receive Eternal Life. Jesus of Nazareth accomplished the necessary work to allow humans to have a place in the Father’s House.  In essence, all those who have Eternal Life do so because of the work of Jesus, the Son of God and no other. And then, you have those other “religious” people who call themselves Atheists.  (Yes, Atheism is a faith based system, thus a religion).  They always, boringly argue that Christianity is wrong or false or God is dead and unmistakably use the faults of historical Christendom (religion) to support their view.  Well, that makes little sense.  It is not because a Priest or abusive preachers or faulty Christians have done horrendous things that your throw away the baby with the bath water.  We need to look at the source. The source is simple. The Bible!  There is no other book that even comes close to the facts written in the Bible that touches us so deeply.  The influence that the Bible had in hundreds of millions of lives throughout history is a demonstration that God must be behind it all, thus, the “inspiration” of the writers.  Indeed, they spoke under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  To all those who state that the Scriptures have been modified through history or that the Bible contradicts itself are following a path of fallacy.  Some, for example, will say to you that the Gospels are inconsistent.  They are not.  Each Gospel presents a side of Christ that is unique, just like each side of a house is distinct.  We have many proofs that the original texts remain what we have in our printed Bibles today.  For all of us in this current age, the New Testament (27 books) is crucial.  That is the only reliable source we have.  You see, many think that there are other proofs about what is revealed in the New Testament but in fact, there is none other than the New Testament itself.  That is the only reliable source we have, but what a source!  In these books, we are face to face with God and his love through Salvation. So why become a Christian? 1) To allow you to love your God who became human in order to understand you better than your own very best friend; 2) To permit you to have pleasure deep inside your soul about the security of your eternal future; 3) To give you an intimate relationship with God the Father (in fact he becomes your Divine Daddy); 4) To permit God the Spirit to overshadow you with his conviction and power; 5) To give you a sense (reason) for living; 6) To bestow upon you the inestimable joy of knowing that Christ the Lord has made you acceptable to God by purging all your wrong doings (known and unknown); 7) To embrace you with the glory far far beyond all the Michael Jacksons and the Beibers ephemeral glories. You shall receive eternal glory and partake in the Divine Nature forever. We could go on and on and on… but everything is here. Read about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Get yourself a New Testament (ask us and we will send you one free and no strings attached), if only for the intellectual reason of “knowing”. Your life will be changed forever. Why would you refuse to read these things? What are you afraid of? Information? Get it! You will be enriched by this knowledge beyond measure. Eternal Life is promised to those who seek. Searching for the truth may require courage but in the end, you can only be profoundly blessed by “finding”.

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4 Comments on “Why Become a Christian?

  1. I agree that fear isn’t a satisfactory reason to become a Christian. And I like your reasons, it’s just I was looking for Bible verses that give reasons why someone should become a Christian…

    • Very interesting discussion going on here! How about the fact that God Himself, the very Creator of all came to this earth, and died to pay the penalty for what we did (sin)? Now if God (Jesus) suffered and died (willingly, for no one makes God do anything) for us/me, what would make anyone think that we are going to be exempted from suffering? Protection define that. Maybe sometimes we will be outright protected from an unpleasant event in our lives altogether, as in a near miss. Sometimes events happen such as an accident, or illness, or some other calamity but God gives us grace to get through it is this not a form of protection? Sometimes we endure some type of unpleasantness and it is used to strengthen us, make us better people so is the positive outcome invalidated because the beginning was a negative event?I had a finger ripped of a few years ago, maybe God allowed that to teach me to be more thankful. I can tell you that I was never angry about it despite what that injury has done to my hand. By the grace of God, I have maintained a good attitude about it. I can still do construction and automotive work!I have a friend who was run over by her own van, the front end of the van. She should have died, the van ran over her chest people just don’t survive this kind of accident. Through this she was able to witness to many people in the hospital about her faith God at work? I think so.


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