The Bride of Christ

The Bride of Christ

Philippe Paquette

(sharing a video and a poem called The Bride of Christ)

This video is shared here with appreciation. (Some permissions still pending).

Source for the video: Converging Signs

Source for the Photo: Humble Horse (link not found)

Source for the Poem: by Danette Kettwich (see link below)

There is no comments necessary to be added in the text. The video it itself is self explanatory. I strongly urge people to take 10 minutes of their time to view this beautiful video and share it.

Yet, I take the liberty to share with you, within this entry, a poem of the same name by Danette Kettwich

The Bride of Christ

All I want to do
Is to fall into Your arms,
Where there is no more suffering
And there is no more harm.

Looking down upon the world
Through the starry sky above,
Surrounded by Your mercy
And Your everlasting love.

Holding me and protecting me
Mostly from myself
And from this temporary life
I have put upon a shelf.

I yearn for the time
When you will carry me
Across the pearly threshold
Into promised eternity.

As Your beautiful bride
I will then stand
Holding tightly onto
Your nail scarred hands.

Lifting my veil of sin
Never again to behold
Standing side by side
On the glorious streets of gold.

I will then serve You
With undying humility
No more to fall into
This plot of humanity.

Embraced with a love
So incredibly divine
No more tears, no pain,
No more fear to find.

For in heaven Your glory
All we in Christ will share
Dressed in white, for purity
We will all then wear.

Together with all believers
We will finally end our flight
Together in the richness of Heaven,
The bride’s of Jesus Christ.

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