You are the man

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Philippe Paquette

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I am introducing a new series called “Photos and verses”. I shall post 1 at a time with a short explanation. I am very active in many Christian Communities on G+ and I thought I would share with you a few of the most recent Bible verses and photos that I have published on G+ accompanied with a short note for your own spiritual edification. I shall do this once in awhile interspersed with other Blogs.
Bible, Prophet Nathan to King David
You are the man
At the end, I will supply sources and share with you the Communities I own or Moderate. Photo Verse 01-001 This is a rare verse: “You are the man!” An expression often used lightly but this was told by the Prophet Nathan to David after one of his greatest fall. In context, David was told that regardless of his fall, he was chosen by God for a specific duty. (Read 2 Samuel 12 for full context). Conclusion: God forgives us with repentance and calls us all to return to HIM and serve HIM.   This particular verse was shared with a Community called: Jesus Youth and my Post is here: Post by Philippe Paquette to Jesus Youth _______ #philippepaquette _______ Sources: Software used for the Bible: Photo by: Luc-André Paquette Photographer  


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  1. I am a 29 year old guy with some good experience and have met a good Christian girl and thnigs have been “supernatural” so to speak. We both make each other happier than ever, laughing and being romantic. Never a dull moment. We met online and texted/talked every second for a month, which is something I dont normally do, but with her, has been awesome. We both admit to be falling in Love with each other. We are somewhat a distance from each other, about a 3 hour trip.No big deal from either of us. She has streesed to me that it isnt too far away for her at all. We finally got a chance to meet up, which turned out to be a great time.We spent the weekend together. We had alot of buildup and thnigs felt as if we were with each other forever. By the way, when I met her in person for the first time, I also met half her family at a reunion. Talk about alittle nerveracking. But thnigs went good. She was always touching asnd kissing me and when I left her last weekend to go home, I felt great. The next day, I sent her a text as I usually to make her day start off great and happy, her response was alittle dull. She sent me kisses back as usual, but something was just off. Alittle later, she sent me a text stating that she is arguing with her ex-husband and she might call me later if she has the mental stability to do so. I responded back that she should call me anyway, even if she doesnt want to talk about it. She never called me, so I responded I was worried and I hope thnigs get worked out. I let her know that some thnigs just arent my business but I am here for her. I also let her know how beautiful she was inside and out and that I am greatful to have her in my life and thank God for it everyday, just to try and raise her spirits alittle. The next day, responses were still vague, so I decided to tell her that I was going to be silent until she was ready to talk to me, and that I am still there for her. She responded with a thank you:) Muah. I have very little doubt that she is trying to get rid of me, just by how well thnigs have been going, but still, it sucks to be in the dark. It’s only been 5 days since hearing from her, but still hurts here and there. Does this sound like thnigs are ok? I’m going to hang in there regardless. I guess, I’m just trying to figure out what would make her not want me to be there for her right now. Any information will be helpful to help me get through this. I know that this kind of thing could happen when starting thnigs off with her. And I know I need to grow stronger if I’m going to stay with her. I just need some good advise about what I can do and what to look forward to in the future. Thanks

    • I have little to say other than this. If she is married, I think you should take a “back stand”. Marriage is sacred. If she is hesitant after your meeting, be free from her as much as your heart allows. Remember, a women generally is attracted to an independent man. That is how you show “leadership”, something that most women long for. They want to be loved and mostly, safe. So, if she is “united” to another, your situation is rather difficult. I would wait and wait until she contacts you.

      In Christ.



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