Aging is often equated with…

  • suffering,

  • discomfort,

  • loneliness,

  • a sense of abandonment and even

  • a general sadness.

The will is there but the power is absent. You and I still think we are 18 years old. At least, that is the way our hearts feel… but sadly, we all know that our body simply is not following…  your body tells you. Getting old presents us with an increasing vulnerability to disease… disabilities. In essence, we are living a physical decline. Those people who have no evidence of ear problems or noise-induced hearing loss still lose some of their hearing with age and that is the human norm and you don’t even know it. From established and known brain scans, science has conclusively demonstrated (proven) that our learning abilities are modifying and more to the point, decaying, to the structural changes in our brains and not for the better.
We all think we are young and yet we know.
I recently read that the BLSA (Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging). Scientists discovered that even people who think that they are in good health and have “no aging issues” with their “intellectual power” will undeniably lose an impressive volume of gray cells as they age from that very age.
Justin Bieber
Bieber, a bro. in Christ…. and getting older.
The following may not seem in context, but males reach their sexual prime at 18 years old. Well, the same seems to be true with lung tissues,  But from about that age, we also start to lose elasticity, and the muscles of the rib cage slowly begin to shrink. Thus, the volume of air you can inhale decreases. (I wished I never smoked). In fact, aging is now considered in the negative, yet it is so natural. In your own 6 pack look, young man, the production of your digestive enzymes diminishes, affecting your ability to absorb foods properly and maintain a nutritional balance. The same for the 20 years old,  affected by the “hardening of their arteries”. But young people generally don’t seem to be aware that they are in actual fact dying, thus getting close to being aged far sooner than they think. Yes, at that age, the arteries start to harden. You see, you get old from the moment that you are young. But you don’t know it. You know it “will” happen, but you don’t realize that it has already happened. My wife often says: “A day often seems so long, yet a year is so short”. Me thinks her a wise woman ;-) By the way, “aging” is spelled, by Canadians “aging” and “ageing”. Americans spell it “aging”. The British and the happy drunk dudes (and buddies) down under spell it “ageing”.  Regardless of the spelling, we are all aging from our youth but few if any realize it… until we feel it. So remember the words of James 4:14: “How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog–it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.” For those who know “and feel” that they are aging:

Be of good cheer, beloved sisters, and brothers.

The Lord is by your side continuously. You are not alone and look up and find gladness in HIS PERSON and HIS WORD. You are loved by the Almighty and that is a source of profound encouragement. Indeed, be of good cheer. Philippe Paquette #philippepaquette   Photo


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  1. I think about aging everyday. I will never be as young as I am young today. Life is a gift, we should spend what ever is left by loving one another, taking care of each other and enjoy the show :)


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