To those still with us and those “waiting” for us.

Philippe Paquette

A dedication to Nayyer and Imma. When I was 17 years old, my Dad passed away from a heart attack. His 8th. So my MOM had to continue with her 8 children as a true Mother does… She passed away some short time ago. This is dedicated to all the Mothers (present and past). Mothers, you are the true life that not only brought us “here” but because of your infinite love, you have sacrificed everything for the love of us, your children. We are so blessed to have Mothers. Thank you!!!


Our first video comes from “Britain has talent”. It is a beautiful rendition, in dance and art “form” that shows (using the genius of shadows) the beginning of Motherhood (she just got a son) until its “end”. (In this case, the Mother dies in a car accident but life continues through her son and his wife who is now pregnant… life continues with new MOTHERS…).


The second video is self explanatory, but you have to watch to the end… Enjoy these (about 3ish to 5ish minutes)… and we love you MOMs. __________________


Life of a mother from early age to accidental death… and through her son, life continues… __________________


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Happy Mothers Day from all of us… your children. ___________________________________________________________


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