We Are Sacrificing Our Children

Iam as much to blame as you.

No rocks to throw living in comfortable glass house too.
My children are wandering slowly from the truth
No understanding received, God’s wisdom still stays aloof
In neglect and anger they have stopped their feet
No longer following narrow path desiring worlds wider street
Turning around to assemble no more.
Wandering on outskirts of camp ever nearer to worldly lure
Their understanding shallow at best we now do see
Having no understanding to mix with truth to stay and believe
They came through early years at the persuasion of the family head
Now of age come no more but by their own minds will be lead

Their parting words should bring us to our knees
We still do not understand, what you have preached all these years
Teachers that have failed to teach would be let go if in earthly sphere
Disciplined at least to bring correction very close and near 
Though seemingly gifted teachers have liberally spoken forth
Sometimes more than the Spirit did really prompt of course
But the great denial and deadly assumption is now so evident
And the cure maybe at least for some be to late

Teachers and elders their own houses do not teach or lead
So why are they self appointed when they should step down and concede
The great assumption is blatant to see now that the fruits have matured
Our children have by the world been easily lured
No spiritual foundation built no understanding laid to stop the fall
Without foundation, no roof, no supporting wall
In the world our complacency would be seen as abuse
Taking great liberties and assumptions with God’s blood wrought truth
Distracted by the world we have been blinded to their shallow state
Bring a boy or girl to church a christian we surely must by osmosis create
But the resounding answer to this is NO
We must be willing to teach at home as well to see them truly mature and grow
No teaching relevant to them it seems
Though spiritual eagles still soar on manmade wings
No one to explain Gods plan without and fully within
To take the time to stoop, to disciple, to nurture, to pray through deep rooted sin
Then we wonder why no lasting maturity have we to show
Why our numbers continue to fall not to grow
Meanwhile our children continue to leave our sides
The question asked who really cares
Cares enough to pray, to intercede and seek His face
To receive His direction power and grace
To repent of such tragic neglect and abuse
To desire to stand in the breach for our children and our youth
So if your heart like mine is moved by His love to really start to see and care
With faith and hope and to seek His throne of grace in prayer
To call on Him to turn the children back to their Father’s side
Where neglect and hurt now manifest may His love again reside
To raise up teachers that can truly care and relate
In Gods eyes and plans it is never, never too late.
May 22, 2012

(used by permission and with appreciation)
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