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Eternal Life in Christ

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Aging is often equated with… suffering, discomfort, loneliness, a sense of abandonment and even a general sadness. The will is there but the power is absent. You and I still think we are 18 years

Seek me… I will find you… (Eternity)


+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0“Eternity” Philippe Paquette The following is a most amazing verse.  “…I will be found by you…“ I must to bring to your attention the expression “I will be found by you”. What exactly does it mean?

Who is “God the FATHER”?

+14 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 4Did you know that God is your “Daddy”? Philippe Paquette Who is God the Father? It would require encyclopedias to explain that topic and so much more. May we offer you a synopsis (résumé)

To Mothers – Happy Mothers day

+114 Tweet1 Share4 Pin Share StumbleShares 19To those still with us and those “waiting” for us. Philippe Paquette A dedication to Nayyer and Imma. When I was 17 years old, my Dad passed away from a heart attack. His 8th. So

I am in love with a non-Christian. Can I marry her?

+14 Tweet1 Share Pin Share StumbleShares 5Philippe Paquette Question from John Adrian Smith (fake name): Context – from JAS: I have been dating a wonderful woman for 5 years.  Philippe Paquette sorry for taking more of your time. (Note from

Homosexuality and the Bible


+11 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 1Homosexuality and the Bible. Philippe Paquette (Get ready to be shocked… with no intentions of mine). There’s a Place for You     Consider:  The suicide rate for gay kids is four times that of heterosexual

Our Best Wishes To You All – Ok Christ Blog

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0We need volunteers to surf the Net. ‘via Blog this’

As for Me and My House – John Waller


+1 Tweet3 Share9 Pin Share StumbleShares 12John Waller – As for Me Lyrics See video below. DEDICATED TO MY BELOVED WIFE AND CHILDREN, L, F, M, J.Verse 1: I’m done Building my own kingdom No more Seeking worthless idols Pre:

Our Best Wishes from Us to You All

happy new year

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Have a wonderful year everyone and may the Lord bless you with health, love and happiness. Every year is exciting at full of new challenges, letters to respond, people to help, expanding the


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