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2018 – Happy New Year

Spiritual Power

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Happy 2018. Be blessed, and allow yourself to bless many others through Christ. Philippe Paquette We want to wish to you all and yours a wonderful 2018. Allow me to share this with you,

Four Gift Ideas for Caregivers

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 Four Gift Ideas for Caregivers Constance Ray The holidays are a season of giving, bounty, and blessings, but also a time to be grateful and to remember those important to us. But what

The case for Christ

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0The “Case” for Christ For anyone that truly wants to know.   If you want more:  

He Never Turns His Back On You – Addiction.

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Introductory note to our readers: This article is of interest for all Christians and it is also an invitation (add) to join a Rehab Center in the USA for those who are afflicted with


Eternal Life in Christ

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Aging is often equated with… suffering, discomfort, loneliness, a sense of abandonment and even a general sadness. The will is there but the power is absent. You and I still think we are 18 years

Did Jesus ever had sex with Mary Magdalene ?

+1 Tweet Share1 Pin Share StumbleShares 1Hello Micheline, You ask the question: “How to know if Jesus the man ever had sex with Mary Magdalene. Did he or did he not? “   A)  This question arose mostly from Dan

Eternal Life in the Gospel of John

Glorious bodies

+119 Tweet Share4 Pin Share StumbleShares 23Eternal Life in the Gospel of John Philippe Paquette A dedication to a living friend: Alex McC.  Introduction: “Eternal” – What is “Life” in Creation? Our Christian Faith adheres to the Everlasting existence of



+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 What “is” spirituality? Philippe Paquette Some say “Spirituality” is a process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man, the image of God. To accomplish this, the re-formation is oriented

The Rapture

+129 Tweet1 Share16 Pin1 Share StumbleShares 47The Rapture or The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ for his Bride. Philippe Paquette     John 14:2-4 Authorized King James Version (in all of this article) “2 in my Father’s house are

Happy birthday Julie

Down Syndrome

+1116 Tweet1 Share1 Pin2 Share2 StumbleShares 122HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE. Philippe Paquette Once in a while, it is good for the owner of a website to share something “personal”. Here goes. Happy birthday Julie. This is Julie, our 4th child. She

Angels, woman and men.

+140 Tweet1 Share1 Pin2 Share StumbleShares 44Men, Woman… and Angels… Philippe Paquette I always wondered why Mary of Magdala saw the Angels and Peter and John never did.   For some time now, I have been studying “Angels”. Unfortunately (at least

Christian… and / or Disciple of Christ..? Do you consider yourself one of the “Disciples of Christ”?


+117 Tweet1 Share6 Pin Share StumbleShares 24What is the difference between being a Christian and a Disciple of Christ?  _______ Philippe Paquette Indeed, Christians and Disciples of Christ. What is the difference between being a Christian and a Disciple of Christ? Do you consider yourself

Eternal Life

+11 Tweet Share Pin1 Share StumbleShares 2Eternal Life Philippe Paquette  (The above verse was the final “touch” that brought me to “die” for HIM, thus receiving Eternal LIFE) website would like to thank the many who have discovered

Who is “God the FATHER”?

+14 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 4Did you know that God is your “Daddy”? Philippe Paquette Who is God the Father? It would require encyclopedias to explain that topic and so much more. May we offer you a synopsis (résumé)

Knowing HIM

+13 Tweet Share2 Pin Share StumbleShares 5Philippe Paquette Was Jesus good looking… physically?  NO!  Isaiah 53:2 “For he shall grow up before him (the Father) as a tender sapling, and as a root out of dry ground: he has no form nor lordliness, and when

The magnificence of the beginning of human life

+131 Tweet Share5 Pin10 Share2 StumbleShares 48The magnificence of the beginning of human life Philippe Paquette – Here is a “first” ever seen photograph of ovulation in a woman’s body (for most).  Yes, I know.  Your first reaction in looking at

The Most “Relaxing Music” ever produced in History (really)!

+13 Tweet1 Share4 Pin Share StumbleShares 8“Relaxing music” A study of music Philippe Paquette This is in fact according to research and the conclusion of Scientists. What is the most relaxing music in the world. Do you agree? The Most

Evolution is not scientific… in less than 3 minutes. Enjoy.

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Click on this following link for a short video: Evolution is not scientific… in less than 3 minutes.   _________________________________________      

American states and the Bible in 2013 – Bible Society

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0A revealing article. The following article LINK HERE gives us America’s Most  (and least) Bible-Minded Cities in the USA. Year of 2013.  

JB Update

Justin Bieber

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0   Justin Bieber increasingly bold   Despite what he considers a close relationship with Jesus, Bieber recently told a magazine that he doesn’t go to church much, and considers himself “spiritual but not religious.” Justin

SIZE Matters !!!

Size Matters

+11 Tweet1 Share5 Pin1 Share5 StumbleShares 13Size Matters. Philippe Paquette It was discovered that the average size of human beings happens to be exactly = 10.0000000 (plus many more zeros) of the rest of the entire known Universe.    

Homosexuality and the Bible


+11 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 1Homosexuality and the Bible. Philippe Paquette (Get ready to be shocked… with no intentions of mine). There’s a Place for You     Consider:  The suicide rate for gay kids is four times that of heterosexual

Yes, You Have Our Permission


+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0                                 Many have asked to use this website for their own celebrations for Christmas (ei: Churches in the USA and

Scientists with Their “Facts” are Wrong Again


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The Tree of Life Movie Trailer Official (HD) – YouTube


+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0A must see for all.


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