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I wonder. Are Christians to be blamed?

+116 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 16Philippe Paquette Since my conversion, when I was in college at a tender age of 22 years old, simply by reading the New Testament, I can now see back on my Christian life and

Billy Graham on technology and faith. Thank you Ted

Billy Graham and technology

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 Hear Billy Graham here With our appreciation to TED. Posted 9th February by Philippe Paquette

Chronicles of Narnia


+14 Tweet Share1 Pin1 Share StumbleShares 6Chronicles of Narnia André Lebrun   “I cannot comfort him…  He has made himself unable to hear my voice… Oh! Adam’s sons, how cleverly you defend yourselves against all that might do you good!” ASLAN (the

A Friend in Logic

+112 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 12 A Friend in Logic – Jesus Philippe Paquette When it comes to logic, Jesus makes sense! Logic is from “…the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference.” Let’s talk about “that” for a moment. When I

Christian Persecution Continues

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Persecution of Christians worldwide Activists of the Pakistani fundamentalist party Jamaat-i-Islami chant slogans against Asia Bibi,.. A Christian mother sentenced to death, during a protest in Karachi in 2010 RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images   Link

JB Update

Justin Bieber

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0   Justin Bieber increasingly bold   Despite what he considers a close relationship with Jesus, Bieber recently told a magazine that he doesn’t go to church much, and considers himself “spiritual but not religious.” Justin

Bob Dylan


+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 Bob Dylan 1) See Bio (videos from the Biography Channel)   2) Wikipedia on Bob Dylan (links in English and French)   3) Is Bob Dylan still a Christian?   Part 1 –

We Are Sacrificing Our Children

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0Iam as much to blame as you. No rocks to throw living in comfortable glass house too. My children are wandering slowly from the truth No understanding received, God’s wisdom still stays aloof In

Christians Under Attack in Kenya, Nigeria

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0  value=””><paramname=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><paramname=”allowscriptaccess”value=”always”> type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”560″height=”315″ allowscriptaccess=”always”allowfullscreen=”true”>   SALISU RABIU AND JON GAMBRELL KANO— The Associated Press Last updated Sunday, Apr. 29, 2012 Christians at worship came under deadly attack on Sunday in Kenya and

Sex, Marriage, etc.

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Homosexuality and the Bible


+11 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 1Homosexuality and the Bible. Philippe Paquette (Get ready to be shocked… with no intentions of mine). There’s a Place for You     Consider:  The suicide rate for gay kids is four times that of heterosexual

Tim Tebow


+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 For your info, the NFL passed a law called the “Tebow law” that no longer allows messages in the face (black out pads) on players! Interesting discussion on Tebow as a person.

Discipleship Has Many Faces. Here is a Very Beautiful One.

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Justin Beiber

+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 UPDATE (2017) VANCOUVER SUN, 2012 Justin Bieber increasingly bold about Christian faith January 11, 2012. 8:40 am • Section: The Search   157 31   Increase Font Size Print Page RSS Feed Posted by: Douglas Todd   Extracts from

Hmmm – They are Good


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11 Year – Old Reveals Jesus Throughout the Entire Bible!

11 yr old boy

+118 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 18The Bible in a “Nutshell” Philippe Paquette by an 11 year old young man (and later…) This young man is actually giving us the résumé, the synopsis of each and every book of the Bible, in

Does the Universe Have a Purpose? – Creation.


+1 Tweet Share Pin Share StumbleShares 0 Yes …I am psychologically incapable of believing that the universe is meaningless। I believe the universe has a purpose, and our greatest intellectual challenge as human beings is to glimpse what this purpose


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